Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ohhh! Oooh! Ahhh! Mmmm! Uh-oh...

Here's the "Ohhh!" As in "ohhh, cute!" At least I hope it will be. This is the bunny I'm knitting for the girls, this one for Peanut in the yarn she dyed. It will be felted and it's supposed to have huge, ridiculously cute ears, but that just looks a little wonky to me. But, then again, I sort of like big funky floppy bunny ears, so we're going to let it go. :)

Here's the "Oooh!" as is "Oooh yum!" I've been just craving a roasted chicken with yummy crispy skin with rosemary and salt and pepper, and today, since it dropped 25+ degrees from yesterday and is snowing, I thought it would be perfect!

And with it I decided on roasted potatoes, carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes and onions with thyme, rosemary and salt and pepper. I had more veggies here than I thought! (That's the Ahhh!" Part.)

Then I thought I'd make some popovers too. It's cold out baby! Break out the carbs and bready goodness! "Mmmm!"
(The popovers tasted good, but didn't look as pretty as I hoped, but then, I made them in muffin tins...make do with what you have!)

So, what, you ask, was the "Uh-Oh?" Everything looked tasty, smelled great, everyone was hungry so I knew they'd what happened? This happened...

No folks, that's not some fancy red wine sauce I decided to throw on at the last minute. That is what happened when I went to pick up the chicken to move it to the cutting board. What the heck?!?!  I cooked the chicken to the right temp. It was completely thawed. I took out the innards that they tuck in there, I rinsed, I what went wrong?! 

I was so, SO disappointed I about cried. I've been wanting this chicken for so long! I was in the kitchen for almost 2 hours chopping and mixing, rinsing and patting, salting and peppering and massaging the chicken skin with rosemary goodness. Sigh. I couldn't take the risk and feed us that.

So, we ended up with salmon sandwiches (canned salmon, prepared like tuna). I was completely deflated. Nothing tasted good to me. I didn't care if the girls ate their veggies. "Have a donut hole!", I wanted to shout out. Luckily, Derek came to the rescue and had them finish the veggies before the donut. But I was/am still bummed. 

Think I'll eat some cookies or something. Or tea and donut holes!

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  1. i hope you threw it back in the oven to cook a little longer...
    i always overcook my chicken. i just don't trust it all the time. if you are worried about the skin burning, you can always bundle it up with some aluminum foil, and that will help it from charring, and will help steam the bird.

    maybe next time if you are worried about it, cut the bird in half, and cook the halves laid out flat on wire rack on a cookie sheet. i've done that before with good results. plus, it cooks faster! :)