Friday, March 13, 2009

Little Cozy

Went to the dentist today and my little Goosie did so well! I haven't seen her get her teeth cleaned the last 2 times because they whisk her off to different area while I get my teeth done. She's such a big girl. She said they didn't  do Xrays because it was hard to "bite the things". (They've gone to these digital bite plates for the Xrays and it made me tear up today! Those things don't have any give at all and it cut into my mouth! owie!) 

Anyway, no cavities for her, she looked great. I knew I had a filling that was breaking down, and I still have to get that done, but they said they found a little cavity between two of my teeth. Dang it. They were trying to show me on the Xrays, "See? Right there?" Uh--no. 

Then we came home, had lunch and caught a nap. Even I passed out on the couch for a bit. Next thing I know, Peanut is downstairs, playing near me, and I wake up and see that she had given me her kitty to sleep with. She's such a sweet baby. She then laid down with me, snuggled in really good and said "little cozy". Sigh~good day. :)

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  1. I have to take DS to the dentist. I never have and he is 2.5... bad on me since I just found out he gets 2 free cleanings a year. I hope he is brave like your little one!