Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eek! Steek!

All these challenges get me outside my comfort zone and routine. Glad someone pushes me! Meghan, of Stitch-It! Podcast fame put up a challenge to steek a swatch. So I did it. 

First, I used acrylic baby yarn. Read: no self-grabbing properties and tiny! 

Second, as I was doing the crochet style of steeking (because I don't feel I could hand sew well enough and have no machine), I kept fumbling to make sure I had the correct sides of the correct stitches. After having to rescue a teething child, I returned and promptly slapped my forehead, as I could just fold the fabric where I needed to crochet. (Not so hard! Suppose I was a little nervous!)

Third, I worried about the cast on/off edge, as I should have, apparently. :/ Kind of missed that first and last stitch and have loose stitches there. Luckily, this was not an awesome sweater that I had knitted, but rather a tiny swatch destined to become a stuffed dog's cape. :)
Crochet steek
Edge post-cutting
Edge post cutting
It was fun to do, I can so see the benefit of doing this for garments in the round and really, the cutting isn't that bad (she says of a swatch). For a full sweater, I foresee much anxiety. Calming tea during the process, lots of wine after. :)

P.S.-my hands/cuticles are really gross. Housework is evil.

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  1. Thanks for this! I've been searching the internet to see if anyone had any good experiences with steeking acrylic or an acrylic blend without using a sewing machine. I'll definitely try on a swatch first though.