Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Notta Birthday

Today, as I was in the shower, my girls came in and said "Mom, when you're done, can you make my bed and your bed?"

"Umm, sure..."

Peanut said, "Mine too?"


"'Cause we have a surprise for you."

"Ok, tell me when I can come down!"

So I went down and found this:

The Partygoers and decorations:
Yet more partygoers and decorations
More partygoers
Party goers

My gifts:
My gifts

The Party Planners:
Sweet girls

It's not my birthday at all, but I think we'll have ice cream after dinner tonight, just for fun. :) And yes, that's B.O.B. from "Monsters vs. Aliens" in a knit cape. You don't have one of those? We love to line up the "guys" around here and organize them. There are certain families that have to go together according to Goosie, and she gets pretty bent out of shape if Peanut doesn't follow the orders.

I love my surprise.