Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We've Just Been Busy!

Well, I blew the month-long blogging challenge put up by Homegrownrose, but man, we were just busy! Not doing anything, really. Dealing with sinuses (my turn now, it seems) and trying to keep the girls busy and happy. :) Yesterday I took the day off from being "mom" and just did fun stuff. We did have to run to Costco, but I let them eat all the snacks they had there, bought a 6-pack of Ghirardelli Chocolate brownies. Then we had lunch out, then we came home, made the brownies, brought the tent inside and played princess, prince and dragon. (You know, slay the dragon, save the princess) ;) Then we napped (or maybe just I did. The girls were quiet, but rustled around a lot in the tent) and then we ate brownies. 

Then we went to our neighbor's house and played for a while. I planned dinner, but we ordered pizza instead. Goosie is just starting to eat again, it's been over a year, but she won't do pepperoni and green olive. So it was a Hawaiian pizza and it was tasty :) 

Today, then, was all make up for all the play yesterday. Tons of dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathrooms. I even moved the furniture-but put it back. Can't decide how I want it! So there, interesting stuff huh? :)

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  1. I love play days with my girls. It reminds me what is truly important. The girls always enjoy them too. To bad housework has to be done again. Hope you all enjoyed your play day.