Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Sumpin' Else"

My little Peanut is 2 1/2. Right around the time when she turned 2, she started to try to stall when it was bedtime. She'd say, "Mommy!" I'd respond, "Yes?" And she would say, "Ummmm, sumpin' else!" :) It was very funny. She'd say it when we offered her a choice of food, drink, clothing, books, toys, whatever. "Sumpin' else." 

She has moved on in her little phrases, and the current one is, said in this tone of great wonder/surprise, "oohh! Cutieful!" Cute + Beautiful = Cutieful. Another current one is "actually, ..." She uses it appropriately and it slays me. 

Goosie has always used "actually" as well. She also said "Lasterday", "I can't think about it" (for "I can't remember") and she uses the word "how" in place of the word "while". For example: "I want to have chocolate milk how we watch a show." She actually made fun of Peanut today for using the word "while" in the right way! 

I just had to get these down on paper. It's a sweet, funny little kid thing that you have to remember. My mom tells me that I used to say "cattoos" for "tattoos" and while I was saying the "Hail Mary" I'd say "a young woman" instead of "among women". :) 

So, do your kids have sweet little ways of saying things? Keep track of them, they're here and gone so fast. 


  1. That is so so true. I absolutely LOVED this blog post. Anna definitely has some CUTE phrases that she uses pretty regularly. I need to jot them down before we forget about what they are. :) HUGS

  2. My son used to say 80men instead of amen. He also used to call farts butt burps. Maybe I shouldn't have said that.