Friday, March 6, 2009


I hope my dad doesn't mind that I post about this. He had knee surgery today and I was worried all day, just a little. Enough to give me pause a few times. I called him this morning to wish him good luck, but he must have gotten called in a little sooner that originally planned. So I called my brother who texted me that dad was still in surgery and he'd call me after. The last word was that the surgery went well and he was still in recovery, that he'd get to go home Monday or Tuesday. I sure hope he does ok. I've seen the other side of recovery, from a Rehab Director's view, and it can be so painful. I'm hoping it's not too bad for him, that this gives him more mobility and lots less aggravation. Even when he was here to visit in January, he was on his knees to play with the girls. :) Such a good grandpa. 

I'm planning on making him some oatmeal raisin cookies, and possibly plan a day trip with the girls to go see him soon. (That will be an interesting day though-ugh! 2-3 hour drive, one way, then back again? We'll see...) ;) 

I just hope he's resting well, the traction machine isn't hurting him too much and he sees a benefit to this sooner rather than later! 


  1. I wish the best of luck to your father. My mother has had each of her hips replaced and she recovered amazingly quickly. I hope the same for him!

  2. I'm glad your dad is doing well. Those moments yu pause when you're concerned sometimes seem silly to us, but sometimes the thoughts we have in those times become a prayer we offer up. It brings peace to us and for the one we're thinking of!

  3. He's so blessed to have a daughter like you, that's for sure - someone who cares as much as you do and is there for him. Sending lots of good thoughts and healing wishes that way! HUGS