Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's official, I'm a Queen

Because now I have a crown. Well, it's temporary, but it will be all shiny and gold soon. 

I'm talking teeth here folks, and I'm really not pleased. I spent 3 hours at the dentist today. Three! I went in knowing I had a filling that was disintegrating and needed repair, and that I had a small cavity between 2 lower teeth. *ahem* Six shots and 3 hours later, I had a temporary crown and a bigger cavity than they originally thought. All for the low low price of $500. Dang! And, OW! My jaw hinges are broken. :( I never had lots of cavities--had fillings to fill in deep pits in my teeth, but it was never like this. Don't like it!

On a happier note, I finished my section of the Stitch-It! Podcast Midwest charity blanket for 3/09 called "Waves". It's using the Chinese Wave stitch, which makes a lovely, dense, flat fabric that I think looks really cool. 

Waves 3/09
Waves 3/09 (a)


  1. Ahhh...I remember the day I got my one and only a tune of $400+...back in the day when I stayed home with the kids full-time. Let's just say that I hate root canals.

    BTW, you're the Dental Queen, and I'm the Queen of Mean Moms. LOL

    Love the blanket, BTW!!!

  2. The blanket is fantastic! I love the stitch you used -it gives it such a nice texture! I followed your directions and didn't read the top part of the post. I saw the word "dentist" and am glad you told me not to look!! ;)

  3. I hope they gave you something for the pain after six shots & three hours sitting there tell them next time knock you out lol. The pattern on the blanket came out great.