Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Hello! It’s Dr. Seuss’ birthday today
and it makes me want to say
all things in Dr. Seuss speak,
be silly in every way.

For breakfast we’ll have a pancake stack,
A red one, then a white
A bigger one for the bottom,
The top one small and light.

We’ll wear our red and white socks
and get ready to go to school
where we’ll play and learn and read and write
and be all kinds of cool.

Later it’s knit night, and my what a thrill
it’s been a couple months!
So to Panera I’ll go,
I plan to run up a bill.

I wish all a great, great, great day
full of love and warmth,
knitting and tea and treats
and whatever comes your way.

I’m wishing you good thoughts
and you’re in my mind and in my heart
It’s not much that I can do,
but I will play my part.

So hugs here, hugs there,
hugs everywhere!
Have a fantastic day!
It’s Dr. Seuss’ Birthday
Hooray hooray hooray!!