Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun!

Halloween! It's a favorite here and we had lots of fun this year. I kept it a little more low-key this year, I just can't keep up with all I really want to do, so I'm focusing on enjoying all I can do.

A while back the girls decided to be ghosts. Well, I wasn't about to throw a sheet over their heads ala Charlie Brown. So I found
Martha Stewart's ghost costume, and let me just say, those simple directions are more confusing when you go to do it! First, I stood in line for an hour to buy tulle. It was the last day of the great sale at the fabric store. Oh my. Then I get home and realize I didn't double the length for the tulle. Well, that'd be ok because we can't have girlies tripping while scoring candy, right?

So, Peanut's Halloween party was first, on Wednesday, at school. She looked adorable:

Peanut's class party

And lasted exactly 20 minutes before taking the costume off, deeming it "too itchy" and she didn't wear her costume at the party. She wanted to be something else for Trick-or-treating as well. I couldn't concentrate on that bit of info yet as Goosie started coming down with the crud/cough that Peanut and I went through the two weeks prior, and her party was suppose to happen that Friday at school. Then we actually Trick-or-treated on Saturday the 30th vs. the 31st.

So! The before Goosie's party I added a couple extra ties to the costume and fixed the hood so that it would actually stay up, and she looked adorable too.

Goosie the Ghost!

For Saturday when we did T-or-T, I added all of the tulle to Goosie's costume though, as she decided to still be a ghost so that I "didn't get sad because I know you worked hard on the costume." Love that girl. Peanut didn't care one lick about that though and we decided she could wear the Rosetta Fairy costume that daddy had gotten her a couple months ago. :P Love that girl too! So, no scary costume for her that night, but still adorable!

Peanut the Pixie-Rosetta the Fairy

They were really both excited to T-or-T that night, honest:

Ghost and Fairy

and it was extra fun when we saw our bestest friends Trick-or-treating too! They dressed up as Wonder Woman (women?!):

Look how adorable they are!?!

Of course we carved pumpkins too, and the girls were great designers this year. They carved well and had fun popping out the pieces. I loooove Halloween!

Pumpkin guts
Pumpkin smiles
Goosie's jack o' lantern

The Jack o' Lanterns