Saturday, January 29, 2011

Party Day!

Today was Goosie's birthday party. Her first with friends. She invited 10 girls to join her and Peanut at their gymnastics center and everyone had a great time! They did an obstacle course of the tumble trampoline,
Goosie on Tumble Trampoline
Peanut on Tumble Trampoline
the balance beam,
Doing the Course
On the beam
somersaults and pit-jumping.
More of the course
The girls also played the parachute game called Sharks and Minnows, or Sharks and Lifeguards as one girl called it. This was hysterical. The girls sat with their legs out straight under the parachute. There was one shark who was under the parachute and would grab the legs of the other girls trying to recruit them as sharks to pull more under. The lifeguard would try to rescue the girls before they were pulled under. It was so funny to watch girls just *poof!* disappear! This is a shot of Goosie getting rescued by two lifeguards and the shark coming out of the water after her!

Sharks and Minnows

This is a cool shot of one little shark under the water~alas, I don't have an underwater camera and the shot is all blurred, but I thought it looked really pretty.
Cool Parachute Pic

In no time at all it was cake time. I haven't mentioned the cake yet. Goosie, as always, was specific as to what she wanted: "A cake with Kit's face on it and pink polka dots around it." *gulp* Ok. This kid once again has way too much faith in what her mom can pull off. Weeks ago one of the gymnastic moms I chat with during the girls' classes mentioned doing a chocolate outline and inverting it onto the cake. I was sold on that idea! So, I tried it.

Of course, nothing is without it's challenge. I was out of wax paper and parchment, so I piped it onto a freezer baggie. I piped it with a medicine dropper-the kind that looks like a syringe because I thought I could get finer detail. (I was wrong about that, but it worked.) Kit's freckles were rather large. Noses are very hard to translate with chocolate. Her eyes sort of scared me, and Derek kept teasing because Kit's part and clip were on the wrong side. I kept worrying it looked like Martha Stewart more than Kit.

But Goosie, my sweet, sweet girl kept saying "It's ok mom. You don't have to get all the details." She LOVED her cake. She was so excited for everyone to see it. She couldn't wait. She, once again, lets mom know what's important. Not being perfect, but trying to give all you can with as much love as you have.

"Kit Birthday Cake with Pink Dots"

Goosie had a really fun time with all her friends, and I think she felt very special to have so many people to celebrate with her this year. I'm thankful that she has such a sweet group of friends and that everyone had a great time.


  1. I think that cake looks incredible! I have trouble writing "Happy Birthday (person)" with icing, let alone drawing a person! Good job, and what a funfun birthday!

  2. Happy belated birthday to Goosie!!! Love the cake!