Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day!

I know, everyone is talking about the weather, but bear with me. I happen to love it. It's about time Michigan look like it's supposed to look in the winter time! We had the day off school of course and I waited for the plow guy to come do our driveway before we went out.
This deep against the garage door

He plowed the snow onto the sides of our driveway providing for excellent sledding and climbing hills for the girls! Thanks plow guy!

Ready to go!
Put this here....
Here I gooooooo!

I shoveled then and only had to do the sidewalk and the walk to the front door (and find the porch).

Somewhere there's a walkway

It's much easier to shovel when the snow is just below your waist. Luckily the snow was fluffy. It still took an hour. We definitely got a lot of snow.

It's this deep

Unfortunately I realized that our trash can is trapped on the one side of the house too. It's too heavy to move and the snow is almost to my knees over there. We have some great drifts! If all else fails, we'll just put bags by the roadside on trash day and forego the can. Geesh!

After playing and shoveling, we came in to dry off. The girls immediately got into pajamas instead of clothes. Silly girls. I grabbed the special ingredients for our after-playing-in-the-snow treat. Are you thinking "hot chocolate"? Ha! Hot chocolate (I say with a smirk), we eat hot chocolate for breakfast around here! (Really, we did have it for breakfast today). Today, we get to have "Blizzard Ice Cream"! That's right. You know what they say, "When life hands you snow, make ice cream!" Or something like that.

So, get a big bowl of fresh, top layer, fluffy *white* snow. Here, "big" = 4 quart bowl.
Bowl o' Snow

Top with a can of sweetened condensed milk and 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract.

Sweetened condensed milk with vanilla



Really fast.


Eat. Listen to your children say "This is better than the store bought ice cream!" Sit back full of satisfaction and smile. What a great snow day!

Also, I think it's time this came down now :)

Think this comes down today!

Disclaimer: Derek checked online and read somewhere (probably his website that he claims has all the correct facts ;P) that you shouldn't eat more than a cup of snow per year because of toxins. Well, I'm thinking that after a blizzard, the air is pretty well scrubbed. Plus, if you only make this after a blizzard, hopefully you only eat this once a year! Enjoy!


  1. And for the adults: last year, my big thing was snowjitos!

  2. Hey Bethany, could you adopt me? You're a great Mom!