Monday, January 3, 2011

Pretty Knitting Things

I want to talk quickly about knitting things. I like pretty needles and use Knit Picks' Harmony needles. I just love the points and the beautiful wood. I don't find them too dark to knit with, and I think they have just the right amount of grab and slick on the sticks. I love the cables and smooth, tapered joins. However, I know needle preference is very individual. Still, they are pretty.

Stitch markers I've had for some time and not utilized like I could/should. But then I didn't ever knit anything too complicated either. I had some thought in the back of my head that what I was knitting wasn't that fancy, and therefore didn't need fancy stitch markers, so I used the plastic ones that look like "@" and are baby blue, pink or white. Now, they work just fine, don't get me wrong. I don't feel too bad when they fling across the room of fall into the couch cushion.

However, I've had a change in my thought process. I don't care what I'm knitting, I want pretty things. I had pretty stitch markers in my little drawer, and I pulled them out to admire them, to get them all in one place and to have them at the ready. Recently was involved with a swap on the Reclaiming the Home group on Ravelry, and I thought my swap partner would like some pretty stitch markers too. Off to hunt on etsy.

What I found was overwhelming. There are a bazillion etsy sellers peddling their beautiful stitch markers, but when I came across fripperies & bibelots, I fell in love with these little birdie stitch markers and the little blue robin eggs.

Sweet birdies and snowman

f&b stitchmarkers, stitchmarker holder

Had to have them. I found some pretty Christmas bulb stitch markers for my swap partner too. They are in the store, check them out. When the light hits them, it looks like there's a bead in the bead! So pretty!

As I shopped more in this store, I found a stitch marker holder that I had to have-one for me, one for my partner! Look at this thing, it's beautiful!:

f&b birdie stitchmarkers and stitchmarker holder

It clips to your bag and there are lobster clasps to attach your stitch markers. It's shiny and sleek and a necessary pretty thing. Did you see the adorable little snowman stitch marker in the first picture? The pretty black beaded ones in the second? Those were special gifts for ordering. (Well, one was because she forgot to add one thing to my order-no big deal-and she rushed me what she forgot and gave some bonus stitch markers! What a dear!) Anyway, these stitch markers are so smooth- the ring that goes on the needle has no join. They aren't split rings. They are solid and flattish and shiny and gorgeous.

Then, a friend in my knitting group presented us with stitch markers she made for us. We each got to choose and I chose these beautiful stone stitch markers. We laughed because we were each either knitting with yarn that matched what we were wearing that day, or chose stitch markers that matched. :) Look how pretty:

Stitch markers from Lorri

Sigh. Pretty things. I hope you are surrounding yourself with pretty things that make you happy, and are using them daily! If you find yourself in need of something pretty, do check out fripperies & bibelots. (I'm not sure if my friend in my knitting group is up to making them for sale or not! ;)

Life's too short to not use the good stuff, right?


  1. I'm a big lover of the Knit Picks harmony as well, and those are some beautiful stitch markers!

  2. That isn't quite how I was envisioning the lobster claw thing. Very creative! I love having beautiful jewelry for my knitting. Great knitting with you this weekend!

  3. pretty!!!

  4. I too am attracted to shiny things! My sister made me some stitch markers this past year and I love looking at them on my knitting :)

  5. I love lobster claw stitch markers! and being a total stitch marker glutton, I will FIND ways to use them on the easiest and most mindless of projects.

  6. love love love my Harmony needles & you betcha I bought 'em b/c they're pretty! Yes I love how they feel & I love how they knit but most of all I love looking at them :)
    I couldn't agree more about surrounding yourself with pretty things. And come to think of it I have some gorgeous stitch markers here & I will dig them out & use them no matter how plain what I'm knitting might be