Sunday, January 23, 2011

Goosie Turns Six!

Six? Six!? Yes, six. How do these kids get so big so fast, when we parents stop aging? I've no idea. Her birthday was really fantastic. Derek worked from home in the morning and took the afternoon off, so in the morning Goosie opened cards and her birthday gift from her sister. Peanut chose a Barbie for her-a Happy Birthday Barbie with a crown for Barbie and a matching crown for Goosie. :) They played Barbies and then Goosie and I went shopping for an outfit and a toy with gift card money from Grandma Sue. I took a picture of the outfit on my new camera, but I'm having trouble with the computer reading the memory card and can't get the photos off. Grr. But Target has a cute line of girls clothes right now by Alex Russo that is really cute and not smutty and doesn't have dumb little saying on it like "I'm a brat". Can you tell I have some issues with girls' clothes?

Anyway, Goosie picked out the blue striped shirt in the first pic in that link, green headband with the flower in the second pic, the cream colored shirt in third pic, and the skirt in the last pic. We also found a zippered hoodie sweater on clearance that matches perfectly. They make for really adorable outfits! The following day she wore pants with the striped shirt and her sweater, her new headband, and our friend Kathy gave us shoes she had gotten a while back but her girlie missed the right size/time of year to wear them. Well, they went great with this outfit, and Goosie was simply adorable in all her new things.

Goosie also was able to get a toy and she chose Polly Pocket. Yes, Polly has returned to the household. Peanut received some for her birthday in September, and the girls were better at dressing them. Anyone who has had Polly in their home knows that dressing rubber dolls with rubber clothes is nearly impossible, and by the time you can, you are too old to enjoy playing with them. But the girls were getting better, so I allowed it, and the girls play so well together I didn't want to deny another thing they could play. So we get it, get home, cut the package open, and what did the fine Polly Pocket people do? They gave Polly some athlete legs and big feet. Yes. She has huge feet and calves now. But did they make her pant legs wider? No. So mom's back to dressing Polly for all her events now. *sigh* A plea to Polly Pocket producers--could you try dressing her before you sell her? Or maybe have some kid testers? I'll volunteer my girls as your testers. Really. Maybe I'll email Polly herself and farm my kids out.

Ahem. Back to the birthday girl. By now it was lunchtime and we were ready to go. We trucked out to Chuck E. Cheese's and had a great time! Pizza and salad and games and trinkets and pencil drawings--it was much fun. The girls were so thrilled when a big row of tickets comes out of the machines. After a couple hours there, it was time for the Big Event.

All day Goosie just kept saying "I'm so happy." Later she'd say again, "I'm so happy!" To herself. Out of the blue. "I'm so happy!" She made a very grown up decision, discussed it with us and Derek and I discussed it between ourselves, and we agreed yes, she could get her ears pierced if she really wanted to. We talked to friends about it. About how it felt, the aftercare of them, and in the end, everyone said "It's worth it!" So....

I filled out the paperwork and Goosie wriggled in excitement.

She sat still while she had the marks put on her ears so she wouldn't look lopsided

She held my hands tightly while she got her first earring put in

She didn't cry! (I did.) She said the first one didn't hurt, but the second one did. She cried a bit, but really, she did so SO well! We didn't get a picture right after because we were hugging her and telling her how well she did and daddy scooped her up in a big hug and wiped away tears, and then she was all smiles. And what earrings did she choose?

Pretty Earrings

Aren't they pretty? Oh you guys, how do they grow up so fast?!

It was a wonderful birthday and she got to choose her dinner too-McDonald's, ick. I chose Panera for me :) But, in her new-found six-year-old wisdom she said "McDonald's toys are crappy!" Yes! They are! So is the food! Want a bite of my soup? haha, I'll convert her soon.

The next day she had school, wore her new outfit with her matching earrings and brought her treat and wore the birthday crown-she was just so excited. What a great celebration.

Next weekend is her party, her first with friends. It's at the gymnastics center where the girls take classes, and she invited 10 other little girls. Oh what fun we'll have!


  1. What a fabulous Birthday celebration! I can't wait to check out the pierced ears! Time does go by so quickly...I love reading about your special moments with the girls!

  2. Bethany,

    You have got to have two of the most adorable children I've ever seen!!

    It sounds like you guys had a wonderful day! I am so glad you let her pierce her ears since SHE is the one who wanted to. I'm sure she will take good care of them!

    Gosh...they sure are growing up fast, eh?

    BTW, I love you too, my friend. ♥

  3. I am glad that she had a great birthday she has very good fashion sense too. I love the color earrings she choose.

  4. Very cute! The earrings look a lot like the ones my dd picked out when she got her ears pierced at Claire's, a few years ago. Dd got the white flowers. :o)

    Happy birthday to your daughter! And yes, those McDonald's toys ARE crappy, LOL!

  5. That's really sweet.