Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Problem With Homemade Bread

Rise baby Rise!Really, the problem is that I eat it. I can have a store-bought loaf in the house and never consider it. But Sunday I decided to make bread. I had a store-bought loaf of wheat, but that doesn't go with Beans and Franks, which was on the dinner menu by request. So, I needed white bread, and I needed to make it because YUM. I used this recipe. I didn't have instant yeast, but it was fine. I didn't have enough milk, so I did 1/2 milk and 1/2 water, and it was fine. I didn't even have enough loaf pans, and it was fine! Here's a shot of the vessels I used instead of loaf pans, and I have to say it was really fun finding different tins to use.
The Vessels
Dough in cooking vessels
Research (read: Googling) has shown you can also use large cans, like the kinds veggies might come in (with all labels and glue removed) or even a large mouth canning jar was suggested by a wonderful Reclaiming the Home friend.

I was nervous about greasing properly so that the bread would come out right-there's nothing more worrisome in the kitchen than investing time into cooking or baking and having it not come out right-but all the bread turned out really well.
Mmmm bread
Too well, I think, as all I want is this bread lightly toasted and topped with butter and jam. Sigh, break out the leek soup!

I hope you try to make your own bread, at least once. This recipe is pretty fool-proof. I recommend you follow the recipe as-is for the first time, as with any recipe, then you can make notes on the recipe and tweak it next time.

When making this bread, I wondered why store-bought bread adds things into the bread that doesn't seem necessary. High-fructose corn syrup? Why? Doesn't it cost more to add ingredients that aren't needed to make something delicious? I know some ingredients make the bread last longer on the shelf too, and again I ask why? Do we not run to Starbucks or Biggby Coffee, or Tim Horton's or other coffee shop for a delicious, special-crafted delight? This is how our bread should be too. There are plenty of bakeries around too if you opt not to bake your own. It's just worth it.

Meghan of Stitch-It! Podcast recently mentioned this as well--must be bread-making season. She discussed some ladies she works with eating grapefruit from cans and not feeling satisfied. Meghan stated she'd rather peel her own, bite into the grapefruit, or dig her spoon in and dig it out. It's like a bite is a reward for working for it. This is true and something I've been working on in my eating experiences for a couple months now. Eating is an all-sensory experience, and I truly feel more satisfied when I enjoy my food with all the senses. Peeling an orange or grapefruit, having the oils of the peel splash up a bit, the sharp tangy scent that awakens your brain. It makes that fruit so satisfying. To read more about enjoying your food like that, and perhaps changing your perspective on food and eating on the whole, I recommend reading "French Women Don't Get Fat" by Mireille Guiliano. It made me conscious of walking, eating and drinking all the time. Very inspiring! Her website has lots of good information, tips and recipes as well.

She even allows eating good bread. :)


  1. My favorite is cinnamon bread! Oh my word, but can you say YUMMY?!

  2. I am going to have to try this recipe. I have never made bread by hand before I have a bread maker & the bread just doesn't come out right. I swear that machine has a mind of its own.

  3. I bet your house smelled delicious :)

  4. Bethany,

    Your entry made me so hungry! I'm going to get my sourdough starter out of the fridge and working again. ;)

  5. I love making bread on snow days since you are stuck at home anyhow but alas we haven't had much snow this year. For awhile I was making all of our bread and my kids would go to the grocery store and beg for store bought bread. Apparently they just don't get it.