Saturday, January 1, 2011


Merry Kitsmas and Ruthie New Year!

Yes. Sort of sacrilegious, but that was our Christmas, and the week in between. It was all about Kit and Ruthie, American Girl dolls. Goosie had gotten Kit for Christmas last year,
(on the left)
and Peanut for her birthday in September, but this Christmas, many accessories were added. Clothing, beds, sleeping bags, armoires, hangers, sunglasses,
Kit's stylin'!
and Santa brought Goosie a hair styling chair and Peanut an Appaloosa horse that was named Shyla. It's been a very imaginative time in our house, and the girls have really had fun. It's been really great to watch! Christmas morning, Ruthie rode Shyla to Kit's styling salon, got her hair done by Kit
Ruthie rides Shyla to get her hair done
and then they rode off on Shyla to go camping. Then they took an airplane ride to Africa to camp, and then Japan. Other fun items included Lite Brite,
Lite Brite!
Aqua Sand, Barbie Pet Vet dolls (Goosie got dogs, Peanut kitties),
Barbie Pet Vet!
a lip gloss making kit that Peanut gave to Goosie, and Goosie shared. :) They are such sweet girls. They've played so well together and haven't argued really either. They work things out well.

Now today it's New Year's Day. I'm a geek about fun dates, so 1/1/11 is making me ridiculously happy, and I plan on posting this at 11:11 am. See? Dorky. And I plan on raising a cuppa tea to my friends on Ravelry, those in real life, and family members, wishing a good year, full of health and happiness. Wealth in whatever form is needed as well. This year I'm hoping to be on the computer less, but blog more. Trying to hone my time better so that work is done and play time is focused on the family, and on fiber-my two greatest joys. In turn, I will blog about these joys more-I like having an account of our activities-but I can't let the activity become the focus of the blog. I plan on doing the activities, not trying to just document them.

So. That's that. :) Are you reading? Let me know, and I'll be raising a glass to you on the New Day.


  1. Hi Friend! Happy New Year!

    I am so glad that there is someone else out there who encourages her children to play make-believe!

    Love the Lite Bright. I had one when I was a youngster. My sister and I used to sit on my bed, back-to-back and race each other to get pictures done.

    Miss you, my friend. Hope you'll start blogging a bit more often!!

  2. Raising a glass to you too Bethany, Happy New Year my friend!
    I always enjoy hearing about you sweet girls, so am looking forward to more blog posts.

  3. My daughter has American Girl dolls and still loves them at the age of 20 :)

  4. Luv the blog updates, the pictures and all of you as well.. Happy New Year !!