Friday, January 2, 2009

Lists and projects and ideas, oh my!

I have lots of things running though my head, but they are all in a jumble! I've got to sort through and figure out what direction I want to take. I am thinking about:
  • Knitting projects, spinning projects, hand carding experiments and fibers and colors to blend. Dyeing. 
  • Little lesson plans for the girls and projects for them to make. 
  • Rooms to clean, recaulk, steam, paint, reorganize and declutter. 
  • Menus to dream up and new flavors to incorporate. If I'm trying to watch what I eat, eat less and more healthy, I need to boost the flavors a lot. I get more satisfaction from a well-seasoned/spiced meal than I do, say, a bowl of mashed potatoes. (but mmm, mashed potatoes!) 
  • My hair. Ugh.
  • Exercise. :/
  • Signing the girls up for ballet or gymnastics. Hmm. Still can't decide.
  • Big list of things, like the recaulk everything, paint trims and problem areas, the closet/bench (that is haunting me).
See? Jumbled. Stuff. I guess I just have to write it all out. When I do that, I have the plan, the obligation, the accountability to do it. Then I feel better. But I cringe when I think of the daily stuff that has to happen, so maybe I'll make the daily/weekly/twice monthly/monthly lists. 

I get this way at New Years. It didn't used to be so bad because I had school and semesters to help me plan, or work and deadlines imposed and all that. Now I have to set the plan, the deadlines, the organization, the execution. I like to do all that, but when I have little ones with their non-scheduled needs (what is the deal with second breakfast!??!) it throws me off! One thing I do love for daily task attention is the Timer Cleaning method. Set the time. 15 minutes in the kitchen, 15 in the living room, 15 again in the kitchen, etc. Somehow it's better than 30 in the kitchen. Whatever works! So, off I go to get second breakfast/early lunch. Then knock out some daily stuff. Then some planning, list generating and organizing. 

What works for you? How do you organize your to do's? How do you plan? (Please tell me the magic secret!)  :) And Happy New Year, here's to getting it all together this year! ;)

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