Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20, 2009

My Goosie turned 4 today. 4! I'm in awe over it. She's a fantastic little girl, really amazes me every day. We woke and had the girls in bed with us for a bit, then Peanut ran off for a bit and we gave Goosie her present. It was a gift card, and she was SO SO excited when she was opening it. Then she sort of smiled, and said "well, it's a cool card, but, what do we do with it?" So, we explained it was to Build-A-Bear and what that was and that we were going to do that today. Then she was very excited! Derek asked her if she thought it was ok if her little sister made one too, since she wouldn't really understand why she wouldn't get one too. She was completely on board with it, understood completely.

We went to the mall near us and we rode the carousel, the she and I went to buy a birthday outfit while Peanut and Derek went to get a pretzel (and fudge!) While we were there, she found a bracelet too, and requested that we buy one for her little sister, so that she wouldn't feel sad. :) Sweetie. Then to Build-A-Bear! What a blast that was. Goosie picked a dog, Peanut a kitty, named "Maisy Daisy" and "Meow", respectively. They both got outfits and shoes and rollerskates and leashes and food bowls....Build-A-Bear loved us today! Goosie kept saying "this is the BEST birthday EVER! I love this! I really love this!" She made everyone smile, and the thank yous she kept saying just made me so proud of her. 

4 years goes awfully fast with little ones. It's unbelievable! :)
Cupcake!!! my big girl! 4!


  1. Wait until it's 17 years! My Soccer Chick turns 17 tomorrow.

    I'm so glad y'all had a good day.

  2. Happy birthday!! :) Time flies SO fast!