Monday, January 19, 2009

Week in review

Well, last week, the theme here was to learn about the tundra. Then we had all the freezing and below freezing weather! So this week-the desert. :) Let's see if we can turn this weather around a bit!

The girls and I made some Crayon cakes this week. To me, there are few things more upsetting in the toy realm than a broken crayon. (It just bothers me to no end. Almost like mixing playdoh and water color paints on the palette--it just turns muddy brown!) So we rescued all the broken crayons and made these. Cool to watch, but I think I let them "cook" too long, as the color and the wax really separated so that one side doesn't want to produce any color. So now we'll have to do the wax crayon painting trick :)
Crayon cakes Crayon cakes

I made some little egg frittata cups in muffin tins. These are great because they are the perfect size, they are ready-made breakfasts or lunches (or second-breakfasts in our house). They freeze well and microwave well. I used muffin tin papers this time and they stuck a little to the paper, but much easier than having them stick to the pan, even when the pan is non-stick. The flavors here are ham, ham and swiss cheese, and ham, swiss and spinach. The girls hardly think twice when I use spinach in eggs. All I have to say is "Try it, Sam I am!" and they do, and don't complain. 
mmm, mini frittata

Last weekend, I had to get out a bit, so I went to Schuler's book store, sat in front of the fire with a Mayan Hot Chocolate, and I knit. I also tried some lavender hand lotion before I started knitting and it was so nice! I think it was Crabtree and Evelyn, and I think I'll have to get myself some someday. (I want to finish up lotions I have here first. Way too many!) Anyway, I finished Derek's scarf and I'm really happy with it. I used 3 balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and the pattern is called "Fancy Drinking Scarf". I like the subtle patterning. 
Derek's scarf 1

I also bought these on clearance. They were $2.00 per plate and $1.50 for the little cheese/spread knife. They were just sunny-looking and I needed them. :) They have been a big hit with the girls too, they like to pick which color apple they want. 
Happy Apple plates

Lastly, Derek bought this on Saturday.
new cabinet
He ran to Target for the plug-in vaporizer strips (girls have colds) and chip dip and came home with this too. I love it! See the glass shelves where I can showcase some yarns?! We had a table there before that was a little larger, but I love this smaller piece with drawers to hide crap. Now, yes, I'm trying to cut down on crap, but when it's there, I can at least hide it. 

On a more frugal note, I made these felt dryer balls this past week. Felted wool balls to go in the dryer instead of fabric softener sheets. They bounce around, fluff your clothes and help them be softer, dry faster, and I found cut down on static. I'm thrilled with them! I also made laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent using Borax, washing soda and grated Kirk's castile soap for the laundry (with a little Oxiclean for good measure) and some sugar-free lemonade mix for the dishwasher. Much cheaper, lots of good cleaning-love it! There's been lots of talk of this on the Reclaiming the Home and Stitch-It! groups on Ravelry. I love sharing all the tips. One more thing is white vinegar. Use it to clean, add it to the rinse cycle in your washing machine to soften, or in the rinse-aid compartment of your dishwasher to reduce spots. 
Felt dryer balls Homemade laundry detergent

As I mentioned before, the girls have colds. It started Wednesday night with Derek and Goosie not feeling well, Goosie with lots of sneezing (as her typically starts) and Derek with body aches and feverish feelings. Then Peanut started Saturday morning with a non-stop runny nose. So, it's been lots of juice, fruits/berries, Vaseline on noses and cheeks, Puffs plus, the Vicks vapor strips in the night lights and honey. Honey to help with the coughing the developed with Goosie and Peanut could probably benefit too. Plus, I'd rather give them a spoonful honey than a spoonful of medicine! No fevers though, and everyone seems to be on the upswing. Hooray!

Lastly, my neighbor had her baby #6, girl #1 this past week! So exciting! So I've made her this hat and am working on some matching booties. The hat is the Ruffle Hat pattern from Bernat Baby Jacquards and this colorway is called Berries and Cream. I think I'll do Saartje's booties pattern to go with it. Can't wait to meet this little sweetie-we don't know her name yet, it was all secretive. How fun!
Baby neighbor girl hat Top of baby neighbor girl hat


  1. I need a report on that dishwasher detergent. I've been meaning to try it. Cute hat too!!

  2. Thank you! I just checked the dishwasher and the detergent worked great! It got off old peanut butter off a little glass bowl and it got dried oatmeal bits off bowls that didn't wash off the first time they were washed.

    I used:
    1 cup Borax
    1cup washing soda
    1/4 cup sugar-free lemonade mix

    also have white vinegar in as my rinse aid. Sweeet!

  3. Oh my gosh! You're such a good Mom!!!!!

    I just LOVE the ruffled hat too! That's a fabulous pattern, and the yarn is divine!

  4. I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!! So cool that you all enjoyed making the crayon cookies. :) We love them, too! It looks like you've been really creative lately! Rub off on me a bit, will you? ;)