Friday, December 26, 2008

One day later

Oh, it was such a great Christmas day! We just hung out in PJs, opened presents and played.  Like a bad, newbie blogger, I didn't really get a lot of pictures either. I was too in the moment, enjoying the girls' excitement. My older girl, almost 4, who we will call "Goosie", told Santa she wanted a pony for Christmas. She meant the Fur Real pony, that $300.00 thing that sheds hair all over the place and is big enough for the kids to sit on, but she didn't specify that to Santa. In our conversations about it, we discussed how we'd have no room for a pony! And what would we feed him? Christmas morning, she said "Santa DID come!" As we sat down to open gifts, I said "Well I don't smell any horses!" Goosey was sure that she did. It ended up being a little pony figure, Schleich, in fact. She giggled a lot about that, said "Oh, THAT'S what I smelled!"

Then my little one, 2, who shall be called "Peanut", got a Dora and Flying Pegasus. Goosie proceeded to tell me that perhaps it was the pegasus she smelled as well. 

All in all, it was great fun, the girls were excited about everything and played with every single toy, wanted to wear the new outfits, socks, necklaces, bracelets, and headbands. 

Today we organize toys, relocate some to bedrooms (Princess Vanity, Dora toys), dust and vacuum and move the couch for tomorrow's Christmas party with my dad, sister's family and brother's family. Should be more fun! I'm hoping for a yarn ball winder from my dad. :D

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