Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just a ramble

Hello there! There's been so much chatter about the cold that is gripping the nation-world!- but it doesn't feel all that different here in Michigan. Just feels like winter. But it seems like we've been getting more sunshine, which is great for me. It really brightens my day, wakes me up and adjusts my attitude. I'm just glad to have it.

Today the girls and I are hanging out, I've got some dusting and vacuuming to do and we're waiting for a package to come. Then, if that package comes at a good time, we'll be heading to Target for a birthday gift for a neighbor and a card for my niece. Derek will be home a little later a couple days this week, so we'll be eating dinners without him, and having some girly fun.

I've started this thing I'm calling "It's a Crock Mondays" when I use the crockpot for dinners on Mondays. It's because I have trouble admitting it is a Monday, that the weekend is over, that we have to get back to routine. It's going well so far, it allows me to have Monday as my heavier cleaning day, to focus on getting places on time after no rushing on the weekend. So far the meals have been good, though I had to seriously doctor one last night. It was called "Moroccan Chicken with Chickpeas" from the "Not your Mother's Crockpot" cookbook. It was just bland. I added salt, pepper, turmeric, garlic, cinnamon, paprika. It ended up tasting good, but there is another recipe I do for Moroccan chicken that we prefer, so I'll save that recipe for a different day! I really liked the idea of the chickpeas in this dish though. I do love chickpeas!

I plan on making muffins-perhaps today as the girls did not dig the Coco Wheats cereal for breakfast. I have some frozen zucchini and sweet potato that I can throw into the batter.

Exciting stuff huh? I'm just a bit antsy, ready to be able to reorganize and declutter and clean really really well, but I'm still under restrictions and trying to be good. I hope to have those restrictions lifted next week, but you know by then I'll not feel the need to do all I want to do now! haha, isn't that always the way? I'm anxious to get back to biking and exercising too. I miss it and can really feel a difference. Soon! Soon!


  1. How crazy. I was just telling The Chief yesterday that I do NOT use my crockpot nearly enough and that I'm going to start using it regularly. In fact tonight I'm putting in crockpot breakfast!

    Glad you're being good with your restrictions. It'll be over soon!

  2. Hang in there! It won't be much longer and then it will all be a distant memory.