Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Goosie Turns Five!

Today our Goosie turned 5! She got to celebrate at school with her friends~how exciting! For her family party, she wants a Hello Kitty cake, and I thought she'd want to do Hello Kitty cupcakes for her class. Alas, she said "Well, there are a lot of boys in my class and I think they wouldn't like Hello Kitty cupcakes." So, she chose a funfetti cake mix and frosting, helped me make them and was very proud to bring them to school today.
Class cupcakes

She also put together goodie bags for her friends. I wasn't too excited about this, but I think we kept it simple and she was excited to do them. We chose mini Tootsie pops, a candy necklace kit that you have to string yourself first, either a Cars or a princess temporary tattoo, and then Goosie made bookmarks for all her friends. She also made a bag for her teachers.
Goosie's goodie bags

After school, and lunch, we opened some gifts from Grandma Sharon, Grandma Sue, Peanut and from Derek and me.
Hello Kitty card from little sister
Yoyo ball
Kit books!
Hello Kitty purse!

For dinner she wanted "Chinese noodles", so we made chicken lo mein. I added bok choy and Rooibos tea. She and Peanut helped shred the vegetables. It was tasty!
Birthday Dinner

Mmm tea!
Tea lover

Or juice!
I had juice :)

Finally, we had the birthday cupcake. Yes, she had 2 cupcakes today. The official cake will be Saturday. Make a wish!
Make a wish!

You too Peanut, big sister wanted you to have a wish too. :)
Peanuts got a wish too

My sweet girls.

How can my Goosie be 5?


  1. Sounds like Goosie had a great day! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your sweet girls. Happy 5th birthday Goosie!!!!

  2. Goosie is a wise girl for only being five years old! How sweet to think of the boys in her class! And how doubly-sweet to want her sister to have her own cupcake!!!

    Please give her a hug from AuburnChick!!

  3. YAY!!! Happiest birthday to her.

    Also, I still swear you have the cutest girls ever.