Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crazy Day!

CRAZY day:


comfort crying/coughing/snotting/ear-achy kiddo

try to steam her in the shower, have her hide her face in a towel as she doesn’t like the steam on her face

feed her a breakfast she vetoes

have power go out while hair is still wet

freeze, fret, call DH if he can see what’s up as I have no internet, freeze more

DD2 wakes, start gas burner with match (eep!) feed her breakfast which she happily eats

dress girls, fold laundry and put away

Power back on! wooo!! Quick! Dry hair

laundry in washer

off to doctor-now 2 girls with ear infections

to Target to fill script, more Puffs plus, vicks plug in things, acetaminophen and ibuprofen and juice

grab taco Bell, have girls take 3 bites then cry, get Goosie in PJs, tuck them into beds, retuck Peanut who doesn’t stay in, throw laundry in dryer

write Round Robin letter, read on Rav, start mom’s email

have girlies wake, come down, discuss otitis media, how we hear, sinuses, marvel again at the internet
get snacks, turn on Scooby, get water and a spoonful of Nutella-why, hello stress eating

To do:
really decide dinner-I bought tortillas, black beans and Ro-Tel tomatoes-I sense a theme, but not really. Think I want buffalo chicken wraps. But I want to cook with wine so I can drink some…hmm…. ;P

finish mom’s email

post this list on the blog-heheh

post on Chore Wars



finish drinking water-behind today but went way over yesterday-yay!

fold towels and put away

knit-why yes, I did put that twice.

really think more about that wine.


  1. Thump...

    Did you hear that?

    It was AuburnChick passing out from exhaustion.

  2. You're taking me way back Bethany, LOL And I don't miss those days...I'll be thinking about you though. Have a great weekend.