Monday, September 14, 2009

Goosie Goes to Preschool!

Today was the big day~I woke up early and got ready. I stopped Peanut from waking Goosie up and we went down to make pancakes. I fed Peanut...still, Goosie slept. A full 50 minutes later than she usually would! Then she came down and said, "That pancake smell woke me up!"

We had Mickey Mouse pancakes and bananas. Then we washed up, brushed teeth ("Can you do it for me this morning mom?"), got dressed, did hair. She was so excited. "I go to school today!" Derek got Peanut dressed, I washed her up and did her teeth and hair too. While I was doing that, Derek took the "first day of school pictures". Little sister did jump in for some, and they are all too cute to me.

First day of Preschool!
Little Sister/Big Sister

We got to school 5 minutes before they open the door to let us in. Waved at new friends. Then Goosie found her locker and put her backpack in it. She instantly found her nametag and put her folder where she was supposed to. Goosie had made her teacher, Mrs. J., a picture of the two of them and had written her teacher's name on it, so Goosie gave that to her. Mrs. J. pulled Goosie aside and asked her to write her name on it, which she promptly did. She felt way special.

Then she chose a table and sat down to color, and off we went. It was a little sad (we cried last night as we checked on her when we went to bed), and Derek kept noticing and saying things to make me tear up more! But we took Peanut for a doughnut, got a balloon for when it was time to pick her up from school, did some "school work" with Peanut at home and colored and made her a folder too.

Time came to pick up our big girl and she and her friends were outside waiting with backpacks on. She was smiling so big, waved goodbye to her teachers "See you Wednesday!" Her teacher said it was interesting to see the skill level of the kids..."Goosie is waayyy up here" she said. We got in the car and Goosie told us how it all went:

"We colored and then got on the carpet and sang three songs and read "The Kissing Hand" and then we made our hands and put a sticker there! They were too wet to bring home, so my teacher said the next time we could-we used paint-and then we played outside some and had snack with teeny little cups of apple juice. I drank mine right away! And Goldfish crackers. They were tasty. And we sang the "Twinkle Star" song and did some things with our hands-like that...And I didn't get any paint on me!"

:D She had a good day. We had lunch and came home to rest-mom too! She ended up in bed with me because "I'm not tired and I promise I won't be crabby!" But she fell asleep watching me sleep. Peanut woke and then I did too, and I lay there a bit watching my Goosie next to me. I swear she grew as she was sleeping too.


  1. Loved the recap of the big first day. Great pics, my favourite is the one of Goosie holding her little sister's hand, so cute!

  2. Isn't that cute?! It's great that school is fun for her; I hope she continues to enjoy school and learning. :)

  3. What a fabulously exhausting day for all of you!!! Your girls are oh so beautiful, and you're doing a lovely job with them.


  4. Awwwww. This is the cutest post ever.

  5. Bethany little sister must have been cloned from you! They're both so cute and I love the plaid dress.