Sunday, September 20, 2009

Celebrating Peanut

Today we had a little party for my Peanut. She turns 3 on the 24th. It's so incredibly amazing to think that 3 years have gone by so quickly. It's something you always hear, something that's so cliche' sounding, but really, the time does just fly by. She's the sweetest little independent thing~

Here is her cake:

The cake

Here is her happy reaction to seeing it:

What a happy girl :)

And here are some adorable photos of her opening gifts and playing with her sister.
She looks so big
"oh and there's kitty stickers!"
Kitty shirt!
Helpful sister
No Peeking!

It is tradition for the birthday girl to go with daddy to the store to choose a ballon, tablecloth, plates, napkins for decoration for her party. Peanut had chosen the blue Barbie princess theme cake. She them switched gears at the store and went with My Little Pony themed goodies to decorate for her party. Then, she gets home and says, "Mom, why did you make a blue Barbie cake? I wanted a Pet Shop cake." Ahem You're lucky you were so cute when we presented the cake to you honey. (Says the mom up until 12:30 letting cakes completely cool before she went to bed after 2 long days of selling at a garage sale!) ;)

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  1. Lovely cake! Kids can be so fickle though! Looks like she had a good time though!