Saturday, August 8, 2009


The girls love a project. "Let's do a project mom!" So, about a week ago, I said it to them first-"Let's do a project!" They were more than ready for one. This idea came from a group on Ravelry called "Little House on the Prairie". We are reading the series and doing projects from within the chapters. (We're ahead on the reading, but don't tell anyone!)

I took a pillowcase and cut it into 2 pieces. Then we ventured outside and picked some flowers. Armed with wooden blocks, you place flower petals under the pillow case (over newspaper or magazines) and pound away. We had some trouble with the blocks, so the girls tried rocks-perfect! Pounding away any stress, frustration, or extra energy, we pulverized the pretty flower petals (and stems, leaves-even chives!) and made these great prints! I will heat set them in the dryer and frame them. I have the perfect spot to hang these, and the girls were so proud. (Although I think I needed to do the pounding more than they did!)

Peanut pounding flowers Goosie Pounding Flowers
Peanut's Finished Project Goosie's Finished ProjectProud!


  1. What a terrific project!! Your girls will have a lovely reminder of a wonderful day!

  2. Have I popped in lately to say that you have the cutest girls ever? That's a super neat project idea too. :)