Monday, August 10, 2009

A Little Organizing!

I wanted to organize my cupboards a little. I have a corner cupboard that is so deep, I can't see how many bags of marshmallows I have...(three!). Or nuts...(four!). Or Fig Newtons...(two!) So I decided to put it all in the pantry. This meant several appliances, devices, books, and occasional dishes had to be moved.

So, here's the pantry before:

Pantry before

Take note especially of the top shelf and bottom two. Here's the after shot:
Pantry after

Then there are the two cupboards that I cleared out to add to the pantry. Here's the before shot:
Cupboards before

And after:
Cupboards after

Now, I know the pantry looks incredibly messy still, but I can reach in there and get what I need, can see it all--even those stacked cans--I have garbanzo beans on the bottom of 2 stacks and then one on top, then black beans on the bottom of others, and one on top. All other different kinds of veggies/beans are in the front, all easily seen. We'll be able to eat from the pantry before buying more. (And, the Fig Newtons? Yeah, both were beyond their time. Of course they sounded good today.)

But here's the cool part. See that corner cupboard? I removed the center shelf to get those tall things in there--that's a Kitchen-Aid mixer, a popcorn popper and a toaster oven. All on that shelf. Where were those before you ask? On my counter! (Well, the popcorn popper was a new acquisition this weekend.)

So now, not only can I see all the food we don't need to buy more of, I don't have to see all the appliances we don't use daily. Hooray!!


  1. Yay for organizing!! I don't have a lot of appliances on my counter, and believe me...we all like the extra space to work on! Good for you!

  2. There's nothing quite so satisfying as a well stocked and organized pantry! At least your before picture wasn't too bad, I think I'd be too embarrassed of my pantry to let anyone see a before picture :) I'm way overdue for a pantry makeover.