Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Catching Up

Well helloooo!! I know, it's been forever. I said I'd do better. I haven't. But it's nice out and we're busy and .... I know, you don't care. :) But I've got something to write about and a few minutes to do it, so here it goes.

Memorial Day weekend we bought some new furniture. We didn't like the pillows on the floor models, so we had to order the furniture and they said it would take 6-8 weeks. But times are tough and slow, right? Surely it wouldn't take that long.

At the beginning of week 8, I called, just to check in. "They must have just arrived this weekend! They're still on the truck." Cool. Can I have them please? "Sure, on Thursday." (But it's Monday!) So I called and had my old, worn, cream leather couch, chair and ottoman picked up for charity on Tuesday. Then the new furniture was delivered on that following Thursday, 2 days shy of the full 8 weeks.

(no, not last Thursday, this was a couple weeks ago now. I just haven't blogged...as you well know ;) )

New couch "My" Chair
"His" Chair View from corner

We're completely thrilled and love the furniture. It's all a bit greener than these pictures show, and the carpet is darker too. But those walls--yeah, it's time to paint those bare whitish walls. I love how new furniture can point that out so well for you.

The chair on the orange wall was supposed to be Derek's and mine was in the corner. However, they were supposed to be switched--his in the corner, mine on the orange wall. My chair, however, has a beautiful arched back that left the top of the chair back against the wall with the back legs a foot away from the wall--too far out for that spot. So I put it in the corner...where Derek promptly claimed my chair!! I'm not happy about this.

Also? I planned on moving to "my" chair for knitting rather than the far side of the couch, where I used to knit. But now I can't see as well because the lamp just doesn't go over there. So I'm back to the couch...and that poor lonely chair on the orange wall sees very little love. But I did knit on it while the girls napped today. :) That can be my daytime knitting/spinning chair!

Anyway, we love the furniture. Sturdy, cushy, oh, and those back cushions on the couch? The ones that I fretted over while shopping because I was afraid they would sag and get all slouchy and ratty looking? They have zippers along the bottom so I can reach up there and re-fluff as needed, re-fill if ever needed! How great is that? But for now, they are nice and firm and I don't have to be concerned. Love!

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  1. About time you posted! heehee

    I like the new furniture!!! GREAT taste!