Thursday, February 26, 2009

Look What I Did Today...

Something made me reorganize the closet. It may have been the fact that I couldn't walk in the walk-in. Ahhh, feels great!

My Stuff:
My stuff

More of My Stuff:
More of my stuff

His stuff (and some of mine :)

His stuff (and a little more of mine :)
His stuff (and some of mine :)
Everything got refolded, except for the towels up there, and the carpet got vacuumed and the baseboards too. I pulled some things out for the garage sale that is forever-away and this even lead to me cleaning out one drawer and under the bathroom sink, and some things that were in our closet could be moved there. Yay me!

Then, I found this on my front porch:
Today's deliveries
The front box is my order from Knit Picks, but see that package in the back? Mystery package. I'm in a swap called "Say Goodbye To Winter" with the High Fiber Diet Podcast Listeners, and we are supposed to wait until March 21 to open our packages. We don't know who they are from either. So I get this today. Is this my package that I can't open yet? Or can I rip in and see what it is? I just don't know...So I have to search around and see what's what. Updates to come, for sure!


  1. ooooh i'd be so tempted!!! :) Can you post to your group to see if your sender already sent your package so that you'll know if this is possibly it?

  2. You know if you are in a real cleaning mood you are more then welcome to come organize my closets I will let you lol. Ohh I can't wait to see what you got in your swap package