Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fairy Land Remodel

Early in the summer, the girls created fairy houses. They divided the area around the front tree into four by planting Marigolds. They made little wreaths, added "shiny things", had shells and rocks, a fairy pool. They planted little bushes (lettuce seeds). It was very cute. But as the summer wore on, the houses need sprucing up. It was decided that they'd make a whole Fairy Land this time. I added a couple touches for them. Here's a sign and an overview picture. (Pardon the Hexipuff on the sign here. I'll explain that later.) 

IMG_0359 IMG_0348

There is now a main entrance to the Fairy Land, with a gate and an arbor (and another Hexipuff!)


Following the path to the left takes you to the Fairy House, complete with a clothesline (says Goosie) and/or a Limbo line (says Peanut).

IMG_0349 IMG_0350

The side of the house is safeguarded by a friendly garden gnome, who oversees the garden area, the gazing ball and the planter-pot shelter. It's shadowed in there, but there is a fairy rug which was exciting proof the fairies had moved in earlier this summer! It was very exciting.

  IMG_0353 IMG_0351

If you continue on the path, you will come to the dining/kitchen area. The girls made a table and picked some acorns and lettuce bolts to leave for the fairies. Some of the lettuce bolts were gone the next day! The fairies had a nice snack.

  IMG_0352 IMG_0361 IMG_0362

And last, but not least, Goosie asked me to make a small ball of yarn and needles for the fairies, in case they wanted to sit and knit for a bit. 


*Sigh* I think I could move in here.


  1. How cute is that? You and your girls are so creative!! They are going to have wonderful memories of their childhood!!

  2. Bethany, this is adorable. Very creative stuff going on here! I'm so glad you documented it all for them with this post and the pix. Maybe they'll be writing their own fairy stories someday and they can look back as this as their inspiration. :o)

  3. What a lovely idea!

  4. This is adorable! I saw some fairy doors at Hobby Lobby - with a coat of paint, they might make a nice addition to your sweet garden here!

  5. This is sooo adorable! Have you seen the fairy knitting pattern in the holiday issue of Knit Simple? They look like the kind of fairies that would live in your girl's fairy houses! :)