Saturday, March 26, 2011


It's been a weird week and Spring break started for Peanut yesterday for 2 weeks, and Goosie on Wednesday for 1.5 weeks. We have no vacation plans.

Derek hired guys to mud and sand the drywall in the basement and they started Thursday, will be back Monday. I'm trying to figure out a color scheme and theme for down there. Crap is everywhere and I can't get into the room that has my shawl pin idea things. (I'll find a way Mandy and Alexis!)

I finished and gifted 3 baby blankets and tried really hard to get gauge for my new project and I think I've failed-have to measure my dried swatch today, and pray!

I thought I shed 2 grey hairs today, but it was just one, folded weirdly.

I keep forgetting to run the dirty dishes, and more are piling up.

Peanut is starting to sneeze, which means she's getting sick.
Goosie is cutting a molar. She gets really cranky in the afternoons. Did I tell you she got hit with a door at school and she has a black eye? It's healing well.

I'm antsy to plant a garden and it keeps being freezing here. I'm ready for the warmer weather.

I have a bazillion ideas floating in my head. I can't DO any of them! Ack!

I haven't emailed my mom once this week and I've intended to call her on 3 days, but suddenly it's been time to make dinner, bathe the kids, do the night routine. Last night I tucked them in at 7:30, fell down on our bed and slept for an hour and a half. Then I woke up, watched "A Walk in the Clouds" with Derek and went back to bed. :)

I feel like I need to be productive today and I'm not sure what to do. So. Off to plan! (Well, after some catch-up emails!)


  1. Whew! I'm tired after reading all of that! Slow. Down.


  2. Wow! It sounds like life is really overwhelming right now. I hope things stop piling up and you're able to tackle everything you need to.

  3. My Goodness you've been busy!!! I totally know the feeling about wanting to DO things but being unable to. But soon, you'll have a finished basement! YAY!

    And if you simply couldn't wait until the last thaw, you could start some herbs in containers inside your house! I'm thinking of growing mint, basil, thyme and parsley.

  4. Girl you need some ME time to just relax! Ah, I remember those days of constant chaos....
    :-) Lisa