Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

How I love St. Patrick's Day! As per our tradition, we started preparing the other day for setting our trap. Yes, we set traps on St. Patrick's Day. We try to catch a leprechaun so that we can get his gold! So we started getting crafty.

We made a rainbow:
Prepping the rainbow

We made the clouds:
Making the clouds

I love that you can tell there were two kids who colored this rainbow!! (even if you can't see two kids...;P)

Last night we set the trap! We put out pot of gold under the rainbow to tempt the tricksy leprechauns, complete with signs warning "Keep Off!" and "Stay Out!" You know how those leprechauns like to do all the things they shouldn't.
Leprechaun trap

When we woke this morning, we checked the trap first thing! Did we get one?! The gold wasn't on the steps anymore!!
Did we catch one?

Oh man! Looks like our tricksy leprechaun just managed to escape! He spilled the gold into the trap, but was able to escape our grasp.

Or did he? Peanut was upset that she blinked and fears Goosie may have as well, so while the lucky little guy was in our grasp, we lost him. As the morning went on, Peanut made another discovery--a tricky little leprechaun used our bathroom and didn't flush!! (I know!) There was "green stuff" in the toilet and Goosie said "It's probably cleaner." They then said "Mom, you left cleaner in the toilet." I denied it and said our cleaner isn't green! Peanut gasped loudly: "*gasp!* It's leprechaun pee!!!???" The girls thought that was just too funny.

Once we settled down, we had an authentic St. Patrick's Day breakfast of Lucky Charms, and as we were eating I noticed Peanut had something on her hand. It was a green spot and Goosie shouted out: "A kiss! You got kissed by a leprechaun!" "Yes!!" Peanut cried, "and it's in a heart shape!!" Then we searched Goosie's hand and found a kiss further up near her arm! Oh it was so exciting! And all this before breakfast was finished. :) It was a great start to the day.

We were able to play outside in gorgeous weather, did some yard work, the girls rode bikes and played some baseball. Then I got the corned beef going and decided to make some rosemary clover rolls and used this recipe. I was worried when I checked the corned beef and the broth was boiling vs. simmering and the meat was done waaaay ahead of time. I thought it'd be dry and horrible, but it was fantastic! The rolls? Equally fantastic!! I was so happy :) Topped off with a Guinness and then for dessert we had a pumpkin roll. That was so good too!

I decided we should be able to have St. Patrick's Day more than once a year. I also am really bummed that tomorrow is Friday, during Lent, and I can't have left overs until Saturday. tsk!


  1. You are an awesome mom who is giving her girls such wonderful memories!! Wish I had been that creative when my kids were growing up.

  2. What a delightful story! I wished I lived in your house! I've never been kissed by a leprechaun!!!

  3. That sounds like an awesome St. Patrick’s Day! We had a few beautiful rainbows in Portland (which means it rained, a lot!) I’m drooling over the corned beef and wish I’d thought of it too.

  4. Oh. My. God. That is SUCH a FANTASTIC idea! I'm totally stealing this idea should I ever have kids!

  5. I love that idea and wish I'd thought of it when Lovely Daughter was little. St. Patrick's day is (strangely) her favorite holiday and this would have been perfect! Too cute!
    :-) Lisa