Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week of Firsts!

Oh where does the time go? We spent the summer being busy and having fun, not blogging about it. But I want to get back to it as it's such a nice way to keep track of it all, to keep others up to date. So, back at it.

This week, firsts. Goosie started gymnastics! She approached me, saying, "Mom, can I talk to you? I want to take gym classes because I want to do cartwheels and I know you know how, but I think it's hard for you to teach me." Um. Yeah. "Sure honey, that sounds like a ton of fun! Let's talk to daddy about it." And...class on Tuesday. :) She was super cute, though I forgot the camera and took crappy phone pix. :)
That's her, flipping over the bar. And here, attempting a butterfly hang.
She learned lots of new vocabulary and actions-table, bridge, straddle, V-sit, stick!, and she did them all very well. She did a forward roll down a soft wedge into a pit of foam! So fun! She bounced on the trampoline, arms in a basket, jump-jump-jump-stick! Awesome fun.

But not for Peanut, who was not impressed that she wasn't going to have class too. Derek and I didn't want to enroll her just because big sister was. We wanted her to want to do it. However, after some fast conversation, we quickly decided to try her in a class today. We were able to try before we buy. Would she like it? Would she listen and follow directions? Let's see...
Ready to go!

She rocked the rings.

She boogied on the bar.

She cracked me UP on the trampoline!

She loved her class, and her new leotard! So momma signed her up for more classes, and said "I need to get a job to keep these girls in new leotards and me in full tanks of gas!"

Perhaps a larger event that happened this week though also happened today. Our Goosie started Kindergarten. Already? Yes. Really? Yes. Is home school an option? No. Let me start from the beginning for this one.

We knew it was coming. We did a little school shopping: backpack and lunchbox, school supplies and some new clothes and new shoes. We did the Open House. But really? She did the countdown: 15 days, 14 days....suddenly, last night, it was down to "TOMORROW!!" So I tucked her in last night, talked to her of excitement and fun that would come with her first day. I packed her lunch and had my first little freak out.

"Is it enough food? Will she be hungry? Will this be enough milk?"

I wrote the love note first and put that in there. Did salmon and crackers, apple Fig Newtons and grapes, a string cheese (that finally! she likes). I added a heart-shaped dried kiwi on top of the crackers, just for decoration, because she doesn't like dried kiwi. I froze little milk ice cubes to add to her drink bottle to keep her milk cold. All set. Still, the whisper "Homeschool?" No, I couldn't manage. She needs instruction from others. I need to knit-er, clean. Something.

So, I woke early this morning and got all ready before anyone was awake, like a normal mom. Peanut woke though, and crawled in bed with Derek. She snuggles so well. I came down, made tea, read emails and Ravelry and sipped my tea. For an HOUR! First day of school and the girls sleep in?! Yes, Peanut fell back to sleep, and Derek left her in our bed when he came down. I ate my breakfast first. Finally, signs of life from the kiddos. Breakfast in bellies. Teeth brushed, faces washed. Goosie gets dressed in the clothes we laid out the night before. I help Peanut get dressed. Hair done. We're ready, with time to spare (unless Peanut had school-she starts 25 minutes before Goosie, but not until next week!). Beautiful girl, all ready to go! So grown up! So sweet!


So we all pile in the car, Derek holding Goosie's hand.I forgot the camera, crap. At school we see friends, but they aren't in Goosie's class, which is a bummer. We get in line and the bells ring. Time to go in! Walk Goosie in, find her hook/cubby. Backpack hung, lunchbox hung, jacket hung! To the table! Exciting!! Find her seat, sit, hug and kiss and cry. She cried. Oh no, no honey, don't cry, it's going to be fun! New stuff and new people--not helping mom. Reach for a kleenex, apologize if my arm just got in the other mom's pic of her kid at the table not crying. Yes, I think our Goosie was the only one who cried.

Wipe tears, kiss cheeks and paddies, and off I peek in the window at her. :) Derek and Peanut were out there watching the whole thing, and by the time I got out there, she was done crying, but not really playing. She will though, right? We left. Glad I forgot the camera! :(

So, how did the day go? I thought of her all day, regardless of how busy Peanut tried to keep me with all her gymnastic adorableness. Will she be starving? Tired and crabby? Did she have fun? Get to see her friends on the playground? At pick up time, we were there. The door opened-oh man. Is she happy?

YES!! Here's proof:

Goosie's happy hand
See, that's her hand. She's running toward me, yelling "I LOOOOOVE SCHOOOOLLL!!" and she bowled me over and this is the awesome happy picture I got of her. I am an awesome blogger. ;)

Sisters missed each other.

We rode bikes and walked home. I heard all about the day. It was great! She ate almost all of her lunch, said "I saw your note. My teacher read it even though I knew what it said." She ate the kiwi heart. Peanut and I told her we made her a special first day of school snack.

Mmm snack, I'm starving mom!

How adorable is this? The Apple cupcakes were delicious. Seriously. Make these. Add whole wheat flour, cut back on sugar. Substitute apple sauce for butter. Eat happily, make your kids happy, and relish the days we have, frantic and flurried as they may be. Take lots of pictures, and occasionally, blog and share the moments.

Thanks for reading. :)


  1. Awwww, I love it! Your girls are so flippin' cute. I'm glad you had happy 1sts.

  2. should have put a Cuteness Warning at the beginning!

    Those days seem SOOOOOOOO long ago! It's refreshing to relive this through someone else's eyes! Glad everyone had a wonderful day!!!

  3. Goosie isn't the only one crying now. We can't wait to read the blog entry for the first day of high school...

    love steven & kelly