Monday, September 13, 2010

More Firsts, One Last

Well, it's official. I now have two girlies in school. Here's how Peanut looked as she was ready to head out the door today to her first day of Preschool:

Yay Preschool! Peanut's First Day of Preschool
She was really just ready to go! When she got to school, she hugged daddy and sister goodbye and went right in to find her locker~Whoa! Her own locker! (Well, she shares it, but while she's there, it's ALL hers!)

My locker!
Hard to reach.
"There. That's good.
"There! That's good!"

And in we went. Dropped off the folder, picked up the name tag, chose a seat at a table. Began to color, happily. lalala. Her friend came in then, the only one she knows in the class of 16, and she sat at the same table. Yay! Then it was circle time: calendar, sing happy birthday to the friend who had hers last week. Notice that Peanut's is on the calendar for a week from Friday! Her teacher said "Someone else is having a birthday on this day..." And Peanut piped up, "IT'S ME!" :) Very sweet! She sat, smiling, as she learned the "Good morning" song and sang along. Listened well to "The Kissing Hand", and listened intently as she was directed to go to one of four places to do different activities. She rocked the colored tangrams. She built some impressive things with the blocks. She colored intently and wrote that she was "excited" to come to school this morning.

Peanut felt excited to come to school

She also copied off her friend's paper at this time however~she looked to see how her friend drew HER portrait and emulated. Hmmm...let's not have this be a habit Peanut...

She loved getting her hand painted to make a hand print and then cut out a heart to place in the palm of the hand, in theme with the book they read earlier. This was her favorite part of the day. Next came snack, and she was hungry and thirsty boy, let me tell you! Then came recess, and it was super cool because big sister just happened to be on the playground too. She ran out there, yelling "Goooosieee!!!" and big sweet sister hugs happened. It was adorable. It made me feel like she was happy and confident and she sees that sister is close and sister was watching out for her. Ah, sweet moments for sure.

My friend said to me, "She'll do just fine!" It was a relief to hear, and just bolstered my confidence that Peanut will do just fine. That she will adore preschool and make friends and have fun and learn lots. I'm so proud of how she did and I'm so looking forward to how this year unfolds.

So, another first day down, and the last time I'll send a kiddo off to Preschool. I know each year will be a major milestone, but the very first time of putting a child in school~there's something special about that. :)

The other first happened this weekend. We all went to my dad's place on Saginaw Bay. It's a lovely place and we had such a nice time! Check out the boat~

the boat
Check out the little fisherladies!
I've got this fishing thing down
Peanut fishing
Watch that bobber

They were super cute with their Barbie fishing poles that Grandpa got them, practicing their casting and reeling in to see if the minnow was still there. :) SO cute and fun! It was chilly and windy though, so we didn't head out to the lake. Such a bummer. (Of course today's weather was gorgeous, but while we were there? Ugh!)

No one caught a fish--well, I did, a little perch right before we called it a day, but we won't talk about that. Goosie was way too sad she didn't catch a "Goosiefish" and Peanut was bummed she didn't catch a "Peanutfish". We call the fish my dad gives us "Grandpa fish" and the girls love eating it! But my little perch was little and I didn't mean to catch it before the girls got to catch one! I sure wish they were biting more. How fun it would have been for them to catch one! But, good lesson learned, right? Besides, technically, the girls both DID catch a fish or the minnow bucket!!

Minnow bucket!

Haha! All in all, it was a wonderful time and all that really matters is this

Grandpa and girls Goosie and Grandpa


  1. Your girls are so freaking cute. I am glad you all had a great time at your Dad's. Next thing you know they will be asking for the keys to the car.

  2. Bethany, you have the most beautiful children on the planet! It's great that they are so excited about school and learning. You're doing a great job with them.