Monday, October 12, 2009

New Diap--er, Knitting Bag!

It's here! I love it too. It's a diaper bag that I'm converting to be used as a knitting bag. It's from Little Monster Designs and it's fantastic! Tons of pockets, tons of room, sturdy, comes with cool inside things, and Erika at Little Monster Designs embroidered my initials on the front! Check it out: (pic heavy)

Messenger style
Messenger style

Front pocket
Front, outside pocket

Zipper protects all the insides
Outside zipper

Interior-3 sections and zippered pocket

Close up of back pocket with 2 extra
inside, back pocket

Center section, unzipped
center section, unzipped

Needle case and roll (to be)
Needle cases!

2 side pockets
2 side pockets

Back outside pocket
back, outside pocket

Feet on the bottom!

Flap velcros down to keep it all tidy
front flap

Seriously, this bag rocks. I am so glad to have it! And another plus~Little Monster Designs is a Michigan-based business of a stay-at-home mom, taking care of her little one and working hard at this business so that she can continue to do so. I am not affiliated with her at all, I was just really impressed by her products. Please check out Little Monster Designs to see what she has to offer. There is lots more than diap-er, knitting bags. Bibs, mugs, onesies, t-shirts, Bible covers, lunch bags, blankets etc., all personalized.


  1. Ohhh...pretty bag!!!

  2. That is so gorgeous! And fab idea to convert a diaper bag, I'd never thought of it but they're perfect!. Loooove the colour too x

  3. That's a beautiful bag. Awesome pocket action, and I love how colorful it is.