Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fairy Finders

Woah! We're not going to go into how long it's been. We're not going to mention that I don't even recognize the Blogger options anymore. We're just going to get into the important parts! Thanks for coming back and checking us out though!

Since the last day of school-this year, honest!-the girls (who ARE huge now, yes) have wanted to make a "fairy group". One that goes around to different parks and looks for signs of fairies, leaves little offerings, builds a fairy home or two, and documents their findings. Today was the first official meeting of the "FAIRY FINDERS". 

We planned and organized. We made little clip boards and flower pens (hooray for using up craft-stash!) We got bags together with some fairy "carpets" and fairy balls we've found around the yard, with a camera or two, binoculars and magnifying glasses. We invited friends. Last night Derek and I made shirts for the girls. We were ready!

Details of clipboards

Goosie and Peanut, Official Fairy Finders

"Looks like a Fairy Queen Chair"
We think the fairies put this red flag out to warn each others when humans are around!

Fairy art!

Fairy writing? "M" and a butterfly!
More writing! We need to figure out the fairy alphabet!
Leaving the fairies goodies, making some furniture inside a fairy house.

The whole Fairy Finders crew!
 Well, there was one more little guy, but he was not about being slow and looking for signs of fairies. He was too busy being adorable! Honestly, look at this face.
So that was our morning. We left with great evidence and wonderful documentation of fairy existence. Notes were made on the clip boards, and the girls plan to keep the notes together for each park, and then make them into a book. Goosie reasoned that of course there are fairies! "I mean, the Tooth Fairy comes and takes my tooth when I lose one, so that's only one type of fairy."

Sigh, love! When we got home, we watched a movie about fairy houses and there is a little girl who questions her aunt, "Do you believe in fairies?" The aunt tells the little girl to listen to a conch shell. She asks, "What do you hear?" The little girl replies, "The ocean!" The aunt further asks, "Is the ocean really in there?" The girl shakes her head 'no'. The aunt says, "It's the essence of the ocean in there, and I believe the essence of fairies is all around us." 

I like that sentiment. It's magical and wonder-full, and it keeps us using our imaginations in this house every single day. 

*See http://www.fairyhouses.com/ for more fairy wonderment and access to the Fairy Houses book and video referenced here.


  1. What's the name of the movie? Great post and btw, really cute kids! All 5 of them! :)

    1. It's called "Kristen's Fairy House" DVD. Follow the link at the end of the post and there's a section at the bottom called "Books and DVDs".

      Those kids are cute, aren't they!? ;P