Friday, November 27, 2009

Out on "Black Friday"!?

Not my usual M.O. However, today at The Spinning Loft, Abby Franquemont was there for "Skeinsgiving" signing her book "Respect the Spindle". How could I stay home? I scraped the ice off the car and gassed up and off I went. Yes, I did! Look, proof!

The Signing

I was afraid her hand would have fallen off by the time today got here. She had quite the pressure to sign and deliver *lots* of pre-ordered books that had gotten to her earlier in the week. But, her hand was in good working order. She was a pleasure to meet and I can't wait to delve into her book. I so admire someone with great knowledge and not only the desire to teach others, but to do it well.

The Picture

Being in the Spinning Loft, of course, I couldn't walk away with "just" the book however. I got a cool "Respect the Spindle" pen. And the "Drafting: The long and the short of it" DVD. And 2 of the elusive Abby batts (pink and brown), 1 of the spectacular Maggie batts (Beth's daughter makes these, available at the Spinning Loft) (purple), a bump of romney (peach) and a bump of the Spunky Eclectic shetland in the "Three Sheeps" colorway, dyed by Amy King who also wrote the fantastic book "Spin Control".

The Goods

Beautiful things. :) As an added bonus, as I was there, Denny (this Denny;) called Beth's phone. Her phone baaaas when it rings-so funny. Anyway, Denny said she was with Rachel and they were saying that they didn't care that they weren't there, they were going out for lunch. We could hear the yelling over the phone in the shop. Just a few minutes later, Denny and Rachel showed up! It was great fun, and, again, while I don't "know" Denny and Rachel, I have read articles that Denny has written, or ones written about her. I've had an exchange or two on Ravelry with her. I enjoy the stories and acknowledge that these folks are really contributing to the knowledge, the inspiration, and the love of the fiber arts for me. They may not know me to chat daily-or at all-but I thank them all for doing what they do, and doing it so well. And with so much fun. :) Thank you ladies!

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  1. I am glad you had a great time & got a signed book. You are still crazy for venturing out that early lol.